Monday, March 19, 2007


Although I would not necessarily classify my spring break as "exciting" I did enjoy the absence from school and the anticipation of a new trimester. Over the duration of break one would typically find me at band practice or a cheap studio in Minneapolis attempting to instill some sort of influence on the musical scene of today. When not doing that I went to concerts, museums and photography exhibits. There was also a lot of sleep and digesting of excess amounts of the finest potato chips Walmart has to offer. The pinnacle of the week would probably have been the purchase of a new bass that was at a price that I could not refuse.

Comments on 3rd trimester are probably vague and mundane however I am going to say them anyways. First, I hope to convince myself to try harder and actually do homework unlike last trimester in which merely slid by.

That's really all i have to say and I hope this meets expectations.