Monday, May 7, 2007

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The (illegal) Immigrant Effect - Today immigrants have been under constant bombardment by the american public. However it is fairly clear now that immigrants do not neccesarily effect the economy directly and may even assist in its growth. In Raleigh, North Carolina almost 1/2 of all immigrants coming from Latin America are illegal. This would seem to drain the economy, however a recent study shows that they helped spending and opened up over 85000 job oppurtunities in the last 10 years. Therefore immigrants do not necessarily drain the economy and may even be a major asset to it.

Why modern america needs but resents immigrants - Immigration into America has constantly been an issue for the people already residing within the country. However the current perception that they drain the economy and government assets is slowly being proven as false. Recent studies show that immigrants do minimal damage on government services such as welfare and social security. But they do however increase spending and open new job oppurtunites for immigrants and citizens alike. These new studies give a different perspective to the neccessity for constant immigration into America.

The Realities Of Immigration - Contrary to popular belief immigrants are not neccessarily unwelcome in most parts of the U.S. This does not neccesarily mean that all immigrants are welcome. Most of the hatred is typically aimed at Latin immigrants. But immigration as a whole is slowly being accepted by the groups of people that are immediatley effected by the positive aspects of it. When immigration hit its peak in California the gross income of its lower class residents increased aswell. Also with immigration slowly declining the income in lower class neighborhoods declines aswell. Although on a larger scale this is not as evident if immigration as whole is stopped the nation will surely feel the consequences.

The New Economics Of Immigration - Immigration has always been a key issue in American politics. With it beginning to heat up again and become a major topic in debates there has become a prevelant new debate in anti-immigrations favor. As a country capable immigrants are a neccessity, however as time progresses the number of capable immigrants flowing into the U.S has decreased darastically. Without capable immigrants the ability for net profit from immigration decreases aswell as the new job availability for non immigrants. Without out education immigrants are merely filling up space and not benefit the country or its economy.

American Idiocracy - Americans are idiots. With constant bombardment of immigrants and immigrant supporters the american public is fascinated with giving an uneducated opinion on the topic of immigration. The truth is that new immigrants have little to no effect on the economy, job oppurtunities or government benefits. The only group truely effected is illegal immigrants already in the U.S. This group is effected because of the capabilities of that group and the low neccesity for workers of that caliber. Companies will pick up the most capable employee and if all of the immigrants have the same capabilities the company no longer needs certain workers as desperatly. If Americans use their education wisely than immigrants will not be a problem and will only benefit the economy as a whole.

Come In But Cough Up - New costs and taxes by the Home Office are being used for a different purpose than originally presumed. The new goal is to "ferret out illegal immigrants" the money will be put towards catching and returning immigrants to there homelands instead of what is originally said which was evening out the economy and adding new housing developments. With new funding towards finding immigrants it takes money away from helping the people already within the U.S or preventing more illegal immigrants from entering.

Immigrants File Taxes - Immigrants have less benefits than citizens. Therefore immigrants are constantly making attempts at becoming citizens. One popular idea is that by creating a "paper trail" of taxes and tax payments that they will somehow be able to prove they deserve citizenship at some point in the future. Although this is not necessarily a good or productive idea it is giving an estimated 23 billion dollars into the economy, therefore helping it and making immigrants more and benefit to the economy as opposed to a drain.

Immigrants and The States - Activists are urging amnesty for immigrants being prosecuted for taking benefits of the states because of the inability for them to be able to distinguish the difference. States are attempting to not only be biased against immigrants but also remove them because of previous offenses not specifically spelled out but merely used as a reason to remove immigrants unfairly. Without these immigrants or new immigrants wanting to coming in than the economy will falter all because of people being misinformed of the true benefits of immigration.