Monday, May 7, 2007

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The (illegal) Immigrant Effect - Today immigrants have been under constant bombardment by the american public. However it is fairly clear now that immigrants do not neccesarily effect the economy directly and may even assist in its growth. In Raleigh, North Carolina almost 1/2 of all immigrants coming from Latin America are illegal. This would seem to drain the economy, however a recent study shows that they helped spending and opened up over 85000 job oppurtunities in the last 10 years. Therefore immigrants do not necessarily drain the economy and may even be a major asset to it.

Why modern america needs but resents immigrants - Immigration into America has constantly been an issue for the people already residing within the country. However the current perception that they drain the economy and government assets is slowly being proven as false. Recent studies show that immigrants do minimal damage on government services such as welfare and social security. But they do however increase spending and open new job oppurtunites for immigrants and citizens alike. These new studies give a different perspective to the neccessity for constant immigration into America.

The Realities Of Immigration - Contrary to popular belief immigrants are not neccessarily unwelcome in most parts of the U.S. This does not neccesarily mean that all immigrants are welcome. Most of the hatred is typically aimed at Latin immigrants. But immigration as a whole is slowly being accepted by the groups of people that are immediatley effected by the positive aspects of it. When immigration hit its peak in California the gross income of its lower class residents increased aswell. Also with immigration slowly declining the income in lower class neighborhoods declines aswell. Although on a larger scale this is not as evident if immigration as whole is stopped the nation will surely feel the consequences.

The New Economics Of Immigration - Immigration has always been a key issue in American politics. With it beginning to heat up again and become a major topic in debates there has become a prevelant new debate in anti-immigrations favor. As a country capable immigrants are a neccessity, however as time progresses the number of capable immigrants flowing into the U.S has decreased darastically. Without capable immigrants the ability for net profit from immigration decreases aswell as the new job availability for non immigrants. Without out education immigrants are merely filling up space and not benefit the country or its economy.

American Idiocracy - Americans are idiots. With constant bombardment of immigrants and immigrant supporters the american public is fascinated with giving an uneducated opinion on the topic of immigration. The truth is that new immigrants have little to no effect on the economy, job oppurtunities or government benefits. The only group truely effected is illegal immigrants already in the U.S. This group is effected because of the capabilities of that group and the low neccesity for workers of that caliber. Companies will pick up the most capable employee and if all of the immigrants have the same capabilities the company no longer needs certain workers as desperatly. If Americans use their education wisely than immigrants will not be a problem and will only benefit the economy as a whole.

Come In But Cough Up - New costs and taxes by the Home Office are being used for a different purpose than originally presumed. The new goal is to "ferret out illegal immigrants" the money will be put towards catching and returning immigrants to there homelands instead of what is originally said which was evening out the economy and adding new housing developments. With new funding towards finding immigrants it takes money away from helping the people already within the U.S or preventing more illegal immigrants from entering.

Immigrants File Taxes - Immigrants have less benefits than citizens. Therefore immigrants are constantly making attempts at becoming citizens. One popular idea is that by creating a "paper trail" of taxes and tax payments that they will somehow be able to prove they deserve citizenship at some point in the future. Although this is not necessarily a good or productive idea it is giving an estimated 23 billion dollars into the economy, therefore helping it and making immigrants more and benefit to the economy as opposed to a drain.

Immigrants and The States - Activists are urging amnesty for immigrants being prosecuted for taking benefits of the states because of the inability for them to be able to distinguish the difference. States are attempting to not only be biased against immigrants but also remove them because of previous offenses not specifically spelled out but merely used as a reason to remove immigrants unfairly. Without these immigrants or new immigrants wanting to coming in than the economy will falter all because of people being misinformed of the true benefits of immigration.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Annotation #1

Immigration as a whole is the sole reason that America is the great country it is today. With over 40% of U.S earned degrees in computer science and engineering being earned by foreigners. However with the government constantly decreasing the number of work and education visas to much lower than the projected need our work force is slowly decreasing in skill and ability. America use to be the sole place for skilled immigrants to go and find a good trade however nowadays many other country's, specifically in Europe and Asia are giving more leniency to open trade and labor. With these 2 things in effect the economic power of America as a whole will soon be overshadowed by foreign adversaries.

"American Idiocracy" Economist; 3/24/07, vol. 328 Issue 8521, p40-40, 1p

Monday, March 19, 2007


Although I would not necessarily classify my spring break as "exciting" I did enjoy the absence from school and the anticipation of a new trimester. Over the duration of break one would typically find me at band practice or a cheap studio in Minneapolis attempting to instill some sort of influence on the musical scene of today. When not doing that I went to concerts, museums and photography exhibits. There was also a lot of sleep and digesting of excess amounts of the finest potato chips Walmart has to offer. The pinnacle of the week would probably have been the purchase of a new bass that was at a price that I could not refuse.

Comments on 3rd trimester are probably vague and mundane however I am going to say them anyways. First, I hope to convince myself to try harder and actually do homework unlike last trimester in which merely slid by.

That's really all i have to say and I hope this meets expectations.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007


I have successfully completed my English 10 wiki.

My word is RECUR and can be found in the Unit 15-16 section.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Day 5


An abundance of scientists are currently stating that global warming is a serious issue that needs to be addressed immediately. However I disagree and believe that it is merely a natural change in the stage of the globe. I will be taking on the role of naysayer and be protesting the continuation of the issue within the senate committee.


I will be making a number of points that will give proof to my current standpoint.I will also be stating my opinion along with the evidence given. In order to make it more simple I will be presenting the evidence in bullet form at first and than editing it into paragraph form at a later point.


  1. Natural Change In Amount of Greenhouse Gases - The U.S environmental protection agency states that multiple changes have occurred previously that are much worse than the current state of our climate today. The cause of these includes volcanic eruptions, earths orbit and changes in the suns intensity. All of these changes have prominent effects that have been present throughout history. They include the 'mini ice age' between 1500 and 1850 and the abnormal warmth between 900 and 1300 in parts of Europe and most likely the rest of the world. With this evidence present I personally am under the assumption that this is yet another less drastic fluctuation in the climate and that it is not caused by humans.
  2. Global Cooling Was Once an Alleged Issue - According to an October 23, 2006 edition of Newsweek scientists were previously worried about another phenomenon as a result of pollution from humans. This however was different. Scientists were worried about a possible extreme cool as a result of the pollution in the air. They thought that tiny particles of pollution from things such as aerosol cans would fill the air and reflect sunlight, dramatically cooling the earth. This issue, however absurd today was considered to be a highly advanced theory that was executed with utmost precision that would not be possible without the use of new technologies of the time. There is a "deja vu" effect present in the current attitude towards global warming today. Scientist say that the theory's from the 1970's are out of date and inaccurate. However if each theory changes as soon as new technology is present in combination with the extreme technological advances occurring so quickly at this point in time how do we know which theory to believe. It is my opinion that global "warming" like cooling is merely a fad of the time and has just as much bearing as global "cooling" had 30 years ago.
  3. Warmer Climate Is Not A Negative Thing - According to a report given by Thomas Moore of Standford University global warmth has typically proven to create more abundant and prosperous lives for the inhabitants of that era. Warmth leads to a number of things including longer lives, better nutrition and heightened growth rates in people. Although I am not necessarily stating that global warming is true I am implying that the natural increase in warmth during our time is not something to take in a bad way and it is not necessary to make negative assumptions about our climates current state. Without natural climate fluctuations humans would not have the capability to recover from the natural destruction that the earth has in store as well.
  4. Scientist Have Not Presented Any Specific Evidence Towards Global Warmings Negative Effects - As we have most recently learned in class when you establish a problem you must also find evidence and than later a solution. The scientific community has failed to do either. Global warming is merely a hypothesis that has no serious backing and is only supported by vague evidence. No matter how many sets of statistics and graphs they present there is never strong enough statistics to prove our current climate changes are unlike the many others that have been prominent throughout history (see - "little ice age"). And also the solution, scientists are merely saying that we need to stop what we are doing and make changes, however large or small they are too broad to establish any progress stemming from them. Scientists are merely doing what is necessary to create success within their field and establish a necessity for their research and development of new products and theory's.


  • Need for Worry - Without things such as global warming to worry about and establish as an issue the public does not find it necessary for the government or other agencies to have control over certain assets.
  • Paycheck - Scientists find it necessary to make their hypothesis more compelling to the public in order to receive more funding for research and a steady job or subject of study.
  • Political Power - Some parties and government groups such as the "green party" and "environmental" agencies base their entire reason for existence on topics surrounding global warming. Without a problem present the groups themselves have no reason to exist.


I am not implying that a healthier environment is not a positive thing, I am just stating that global warming is not the reason to do so. It is common sense that the more pollution in the air or chemicals put out each year have a negative effect on the environment. However that does not mean that humans, over such a short period of time have created the horrible and drastic negative effects that scientists are establishing. Global warming is not a problem that deserves the attention of a national committee or something that should be addressed by congress, it is merely a fad much like others present in many different generations that has no bearing on the current or future state of society.

Thursday, February 8, 2007

Day 3


There is a problem with children at Tartan High School and multiple effects of it are visible. Children are constantly bickering to teachers, sleeping in class and always sick to school. The cause of this behavior is simple and avoidable, it is lack of good nutrition. This problem is very evident, especially in the food served at in the cafeteria. Disgustingly large amounts of fattening fries, burgers, cheese curds etc. are seen piled on to nearly every students plate along with fattening and sugar ridden beverages as well.


When questioning 10 students randomly 8 of them responded saying that they ingested something deep fried as a main course at least 4 days a week. Startling as this seems it is very true, one has to extensively scan the lunch room in order to pick out someone without fries filling over half of their tray. Although there there is adequate food it is more expensive and sub-par with it being nearly impossible to distinguish the flavor and look of a cantaloupe to that of a watermelon.


There are numerous factors that contribute to the lack of nutrition in the school system. First of all is expense, purchasing a 1 cup portion of soup costs $1.75 while next to it the fries are a mere .75$. Another factor would be flavor which is in inadequate and dull in food that is typically exotic, tasteful and healthy with fries seeming to be a much more enjoyable choice.


My proposed solution is simple and money smart. First of all have a non-biased board rate all food in the cafeteria as either healthy or non, than instill a type of "tax" of 50% on all food rated as unhealthy. This creates a economic necessity for students to purchase the more healthy and helpful foods and spend less often on the unhealthy ones. Also all of the money earned should be put towards either a health committee focused on assisting in educating students on healthy food choices or on directly lowering the price of healthier foods. Hopefully this will create a positive feedback in the attitudes, grades, and attentiveness of students as a whole.

Monday, February 5, 2007

Day 1

Families have very little time to spend with each other. With the constant barrage of technology, activities and work it is very rare to have adequate time to spend with each other. And when you finally have that chance the possibility of finding an activity that everyone can agree on is even more rare. Families are becoming more diverse, both in age and customs and this combination makes it harder to find something in common with one another. With all this in mind you have to consider the possibility that family are slowly spreading farther apart and a change in the way time is spent together must change as well. Maybe if families set aside time and activities on a regular basis and compromise on activities than the process would go along more smoothly and the necessary bond between family members would remain strong.