Thursday, February 8, 2007

Day 3


There is a problem with children at Tartan High School and multiple effects of it are visible. Children are constantly bickering to teachers, sleeping in class and always sick to school. The cause of this behavior is simple and avoidable, it is lack of good nutrition. This problem is very evident, especially in the food served at in the cafeteria. Disgustingly large amounts of fattening fries, burgers, cheese curds etc. are seen piled on to nearly every students plate along with fattening and sugar ridden beverages as well.


When questioning 10 students randomly 8 of them responded saying that they ingested something deep fried as a main course at least 4 days a week. Startling as this seems it is very true, one has to extensively scan the lunch room in order to pick out someone without fries filling over half of their tray. Although there there is adequate food it is more expensive and sub-par with it being nearly impossible to distinguish the flavor and look of a cantaloupe to that of a watermelon.


There are numerous factors that contribute to the lack of nutrition in the school system. First of all is expense, purchasing a 1 cup portion of soup costs $1.75 while next to it the fries are a mere .75$. Another factor would be flavor which is in inadequate and dull in food that is typically exotic, tasteful and healthy with fries seeming to be a much more enjoyable choice.


My proposed solution is simple and money smart. First of all have a non-biased board rate all food in the cafeteria as either healthy or non, than instill a type of "tax" of 50% on all food rated as unhealthy. This creates a economic necessity for students to purchase the more healthy and helpful foods and spend less often on the unhealthy ones. Also all of the money earned should be put towards either a health committee focused on assisting in educating students on healthy food choices or on directly lowering the price of healthier foods. Hopefully this will create a positive feedback in the attitudes, grades, and attentiveness of students as a whole.


amy09 said...

good job cody!!

thats a good problem and you have a lot of information to back it up.


-amy r. 5th hour-

Mr. Hatten said...

Cody: Great blog. Nice work on all aspects of it. Your problem-solution thing is fantastic with the slight issue of your problem is listed in a kind of introductory sentence. For the purpose of stating a problem all you need is the last sentence in the problem area. I'd move the rest of that stuff to the evidence or contributing factors area. But, honestly, this is one of the best blogs in this assignment and I commend you for such good work. Thanks! -- Mr. H